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The benefits of working with Hargenant

  • We take on the employment risk and allow you to remove any associated ‘on-costs’ including ERNI, WTD, payroll, statutory employment obligations Etc.

  • We work to ensure the highest level of compliance through regular document and process audits

  • We provide industry advice and support including Agency Workers Regulations (AWR)

  • Daily payrolls for umbrella contractors tailored to suit your schedule

  • UK-based support teams

  • Staff available 8.30am to 7pm Mon – Friday and Saturday 8.30am to 1pm

  • Hargenant handles all of your payroll queries

  • The allocation of a dedicated account manager

How does it all work?

As soon as the contractor is referred to Hargenant, we make contact at an agreed time and talk them through both our umbrella products and the agreed payroll process.

We then guide them through our online registration portal ‘Hargenant Express’ where they are asked to complete a six-step registration process which requires:

  1. Their personal details

  2. Banking information

  3. Opt in/out of the Working time regulations and confirmation of their intention to work on more than one assignment with Hargenant

  4. Signing of the Hargenant Employment contract

  5. Downloading the Hargenant Employee Handbook

  6. The contractor is invited to upload proof of identity and documents proving their right to work in the UK and/or completed P46 (if they have a P45 we request that the original document is posted to Hargenant

  • You will receive emailed confirmation as soon as the contractor has completed the registration process, and we will then request all relevant agency paperwork (agency/Hargenant contract, assignment schedule Etc.)

  • As soon as the paperwork is received, the contractor is fully set up and ready to work. If this is your first referral to Hargenant, our Agency Support team will contact your payroll department to agree on operating procedures and expected payroll deadlines.

Efficient and timely payment

  • We co-ordinate the payroll process with you to ensure that the contractor is paid on time

  • When funds are released by you, we release a BACS payment to the individual’s bank account

  • An invoice is then raised to the value of the payment plus VAT (where applicable)

  • We will process each candidate’s expenses to avoid them incurring any reduction in net pay

  • When an assignment is due to end, the Hargenant Renewal Team will contact your candidate and gain confirmation that an extension has been offered. If it has, we will contact you to request the appropriate supporting documentation

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