Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

If you work in the Construction Industry you will already be aware of the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) which is for genuinely self-employed subcontractors working within the Construction Industries.

The scheme allows you to be confident that all your administration and CIS tax deductions, with the HMRC, are taken care of.  Once registered on the scheme the HMRC will issue you with a unique tax reference (UTR)

If you do not already have your CIS Unique Tax Reference number (UTR), you need to register with HMRC as CIS (this can take from 2-8 weeks) – the registration helpline is 0845 366 7899 or visit their website.

Hargenant process

  • Once completed the CIS compliance questionnaire & registered with Hargenant, we will call HMRC to verify your details; they will let us know how much tax to deduct.

  • You submit your timesheet to your agency (or client) within their agreed deadlines

  • Your agency (or client) will make payment to Hargenant on a given day and Hargenant will make payment to you the day we receive the funds so there are no delays

  • Hargenant will send you a text message to confirm the amount we have paid to you and the date it will reach your personal bank account.

Things to remember

  • You need to complete the Hargenant questionnaire – please press the CIS compliance button below

  • You will need to register with HMRC to make the necessary NI contributions against your income (Class 2).

  • You will need to complete a CWF1 form and return this to revenue to let them know you are self-employed, failure to do this could result in a fine. Download the form here.

  • You may be eligible to claim back some business-related expenses so you will need to keep all of your business-related receipts.

Hargenant CIS, what to expect –

  • 100% compliant solution

  • Market leading customer service

  • No set up or leaving fees

  • No tie-in period

  • Free SMS text notifications

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Full insurance available*

  • Recommend a friend scheme

* this is at an additional cost, please call us for more information

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